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Brewing coffee from your own kitchen has roughly been the same for a long while. Pour-overs, french press, and drip coffee had been the normal coffee brewing methods use - that is until 2005, when Alan Adler designed the first Aeropress coffee brewer.

The produced when the coffee grinds and hot water are combined in the main tube. After steeping for some time, the plunger is used to push the coffee through the paper or metal filter at the bottom and into the cup. Although the product is advertised as home espresso maker, it does not nearly provide enough force to produce espresso.

Ways To Brew

There are two ways to brew coffee with the Aeropress:

  1. Traditional
  2. Inverted.


The traditional method begins with the filter pointing down towards the cup...

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Do you have a suggestion for a new flavoring? Pumpkin spice is on its way back but we would love to hear what our wonderful customers would like! Stay on the lookout for our flavor of the month

Late night tonight with the Dana Hills High School graduates at the House of Blues in Anaheim. We hope you all loved our coffee!


Lattes on Location is one of many coffee services offered here in Los Angeles, California. However Lattes on Location continues to be a favorite around the Southern California area.

Offerings: We offer a large variety of milks, teas, and other tasty treats and can also bring baked goods and cookies along with our mobile espresso bar. Smoothies are also a customer favorite during daytime events with our most popular flavors being strawberry and mango. We also use recyclable paper cups for all events, although we are more than happy to use any other cups that may be provided to us!

Professionalism: As can be seen by our Testimonial page, we have a long list of clients from a variety of jobs we have worked, from weddings to corporate event...

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Lattes on Location's espresso bar serves NBC Universal and international journalists for The Fast & Furious press junket.

Lattes on Location's Mobile espresso bar greets road rally participants.

Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills - Brewed Coffee for Candlelight Services

Scan Health Plan

Scan Health Plan Mobile Espresso Bars Lattes on Location Helps Scan celebrate the launch of their new enterprise software.